Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two RIC Sororities Vote to go from Local to National

This past week, 2 of the 3 sororities recognized on RIC's campus voted and decided to move forward with the NPC extension process.  This means they are hoping to join one of the 26 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) organizations.  This process has been made possible by the support and recognition of the College and submitted to NPC for their records. 

The process began with a formal entry in a monthly bulletin sent to all 26 organizations.  This is a formal invitation for NPC organizations to submit information packets to RIC for review.  The Extension Committee at RIC (comprising of local sorority executive board members, college administrators, faculty, and staff) will review the information packets.  They will then choose to invite up to four organizations to come to campus and present to the local sororities and other members of the college community.

This process will take the rest of the semester to allow enough time for organizations to submit materials and to have enough time to process the submissions.  The organizations invited to campus for presentations will come to campus the first week of classes during the second semester.  By the end of the presentation process, the local sororities will have chosen which organization they would like to pursue for colonization.  The organization(s) who have been chosen to come to RIC will then be notified by the Greek Advisor.  Colonization will take place hopefully during the spring semester where the local sorority members will go through a new member process for their new organization.  

This is a very exciting time for the local sororities, Greek Life at RIC, and the campus as a whole!  Any questions about this process, please contact Megan Fox, Greek Advisor, at or 401-456-8469.

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