Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012

Welcome back from the holiday break!  Plans are underway for the NPC presentations and finally the schedule can be posted:

Wednesday January 25th @ 1:30pm - Delta Phi Epsilon
Thursday January 26th @ 7:00pm - Alpha Sigma Tau
Friday January 27th @ 10:30am - Theta Phi Alpha

All of the presentations will take place in the Student Union ballroom and will last no longer than two hours.  Members of RIC's campus community (students, faculty, & staff) are welcome to come and learn about each of the three organizations.  No RSVP necessary, just please attend as many presentations as possible.

After the three presentations have occurred, each local group going through the extension process will be able to present to the national groups on their local chapter accomplishments and reasons why they want to affiliate with the national group.  There will then be a selection process from both sides and after matching up the groups' choices, the local groups will be notified as to which national organization matches their preferences and who they will affiliate with this Spring 2012.

Any questions about the extension process, please contact Megan Fox at mfox@ric.edu.

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