Monday, April 14, 2014

Greek Week 2014

Happy Greek Week!  Today marks the beginning of a week of fun, competition, and spirit.  We're starting off the week with a BBQ during the day and a bowling night at East Providence Lanes, which was organization by Theta Phi Alpha.  On Tuesday, Alpha Sigma Tau is hosting Lip Sync.  Wednesday is Delta Phi Epsilon's Greek Olympics during Free Period, and Theta Phi Alpha's Mr. & Mrs. Greek Week at night.  We wrap up the week with Kappa Delta Phi's dodgeball game on Thursday.  Additionally, the Greeks will be volunteering on campus for the Rhode Island Blood Center's blood drive on Monday and Tuesday of the week. 

Each fraternity and sorority will have the opportunity to earn points for each event.  The winner of Greek Week will be determined by the group with the most points and that group will get to display the NEW Greek Week Champions Trophy until the start of Greek Week 2015.

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