Thursday, April 17, 2014

Greek Week Day 3: Greek Olympics and Mrs. & Miss Greek Week

During free period, Delta Phi Epsilon hosted Greek Olympics.  Besides the wind, it was a beautiful day to be outside for an event.  Everyone competed in games like tug-of-war, a water balloon toss, and a relay race which started with participants eating their way through a pie to find the key needed to unlock the handcuffs of the next person in the race. 

At night Theta Phi Alpha hosted Mr. & Miss Greek Week.  This was an exciting event because it was the first time the men were able to compete.  The contestants participated in three rounds.  The first round was a "Letters" round, the second was talent (which featured some really amazing talents), and the final round was formal wear. Mr. Greek Week went to Mat from Kappa, Natasha from DPhiE was crowned Miss Greek Week, and Britnie and Karissa from Theta Phi were the runners up.

The rankings are as follows as we go into the final event of the week - Dodgeball:

1. Alpha Sigma Tau - 82 points
2. Theta Phi Alpha - 78 points
3. Delta Phi Epsilon - 70 points
4. Kappa Delta Phi - 47 points

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