Monday, August 15, 2011

Greek Advisory Board

One of the biggest parts to the success of Greek Life on any campus is the support they receive from other Greeks.  It is important that some of this support come from Faculty and Staff members of the community - especially those who are Greek and know what the undergraduates are going through.  

One of my goals this week is to contact individuals who have showed interest in working on a Greek Advisory Board and schedule a time for all of us to meet during the first week of classes.  During this meeting we will take some time to get to know one another, what organizations each individual was a part of during their undergraduate years, and what they are expecting from their Advisory experience.  

I am hoping to match members of the Board with similar organizations so they are able to directly connect with a group.  Then, my hope is we meet monthly as a Greek Advisory Board to discuss positive things are organizations are working on and any challenges they might be facing.  So far I have 3 or 4 Faculty/Staff members interested and hopefully that will only increase with time. 

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