Friday, August 26, 2011

Greek Retreat

Monday, August 22nd the Greek Community Council met at the Rhode Island Country Club in Barrington for a welcome back retreat.  Nine members of the Greek community came to share ideas about how they would like to see Greek Life move forward at RIC.  Here is what we did for the morning:
  • Team building exercises
  • Created our goals for GCC and individual organizations
  • Reviewed the constitution
  • Nominated E-Board members (voting on 9/2 at GCC meeting)
  • Created the recruitment t-shirt
  • Designed a layout for sky bridge advertisin
  • Discussed some upcoming important topics pertinent to Greek Life.
Overall the event was a great success and everyone seems pumped for Fall Recruitment activities.  We also found out there are several new organizations looking to come to RIC's campus.  Hopefully we have some good news about that on the next post!

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